Welcome To Structo Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

The Structo Nepal Private Limited is one of the foremost steel fabricating and engineering companies in Nepal. Situated in Patan Industrial Estate, Lalitpur, the company was registered in the Cottage and Village Industries Department in the year B.S. 2027 (1971 AD) with one management staff, one supervisor and 3 factory workers. With loans from the Cottage Industry Department and later on from the Nepal Industrial Development Corporation, the Company has been able to grow to its present level of competence with three engineers, 20 management staff and around 110 workers, experienced in various structural designing, fabrication and erection works. Since B. S. 2035, the Company with its present capacity has been registered with the Department of Industries. Since it’s beginning, the Structo Nepal Private Limited has acquired substantial know-how and experience in the field of steel, structural design, fabrication and erection technologies.

The company is accredited with ISO-9001:2008 since 12th September 2008.We are proud to inform you that our Company has been able to retain as much as 60 to 70% of its workers and staff member once enrolled. This has developed a harmonious teamwork, cooperation and competence in its performance for the past 27 years.

The Company has been registered as steel fabricator by the Suspension Bridge Division, Department of Roads. Later, the company has been registered in the hydropower works.

  • Covered area at Lalitpur and Hetauda Industrial Estate.
  • Sister concerns
  1. Udeco Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of Business:-

  1. a) Roof Trusses for Storage godowns, School buildings, & factory shed etc.
  2. b) Trail Suspension, Suspended & Truss bridge.
  3. c) Overhead water tanks, Oil Tanks, Syphone.
  4. d) Composite Steel Girder Bridge
  5. e) Motorable Steel Truss Bridge
  6. f) Penstock Pipes & other Hydro-Mechanical Equipments
  7. g) Self Supporting Tower and Guy Tower upto 70mtrs
  8. h) Cement Plant & Sugar Mills steel structural parts erection
  9. i) Ropeway & Ropeway System
  10. j) Steel Tubular and Telescopic Pole
  11. k) Glass Houses for different agricultural applications.
  12. l) River Crossing ferries of 15 to 30 M.Ton capacity.
  13. m) Micro Hydro Power Plant up to 250kw
  14. n) Bridges – Suspension and Suspended for pedestrian and Motorable.
  15. o) CDMA Towers

During the last years, the Company has successfully completed several turnkey projects in its related fields and has developed subsidiary companies in relevant specialized fields like Micro Hydro Turbine and Agro-based machine design and manufacturing.

The Structo Nepal is the pioneer company in Nepal in river ferry technology. The successful launching of the very first ferry over Bheri River in Surkhet District has enabled this Company to be the only ferry manufacturer in the Kingdom of Nepal.Since then, the Company has installed 13 more ferries on turnkey basis including design over various rivers all over Nepal. The loading capacity of these ferries range from 20 to 30 metric tons. During the trade embargo imposed by India in 1988-89, these ferries were the only modes of transportation linking Far Western part of Nepal with the rest of the country. These ferries were able to transport thousands of tones of food, medicine and other development materials required for the economic sustainability of the Far West.

We also take great pride in informing that with support from the Solid Waste Management Project under the Ministry of Housing and Physical Planning and GTZ/Nepal, we became the first company in Nepal to produce skips (containers) and garbage processing and disposal facilities. These activities have enabled the Company to enhance its activities in the field of Solid Waste Management also.

The Company’s Engineer, Mr. Chuda Bahadur Basnet helped Helvetas Nepal, (previously within SATA) to produce a manual with standard designs for different types and different spans of suspension and suspended bridges for His Majesty’s Government of Nepal. Most of the suspension bridges initiated and financed by the District Panchayat of Solukhumbu Region has been designed and fabricated by our Company. The fabrication and installation of the girder-bridge on the Prithvi Highway at Malekhu was completed within 4 months and our Company was commended on its efficiency at the time. The fabrication of radial barrage gates at Sunkoshi for the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) with Hetauda Engineering Works was also considered as commendable jobs this Company did in the past in support of the country’s development plan. With the moral and professional support from Helvetas/Nepal and the Suspension Bridge Division, the Company has so far fabricated more than 250 Suspension Bridges, since its inception.

Besides these activities, the Company in recent past has also started its activity in the fabrication of electrical line material required for the transmission line.

In an endeavor to improve the management efficiency and to bring in appropriate new technology in the field of steel fabrication, the Company has, joined hands with a Pune (India) based Indian company by the name of Unipan Construction Company. In association with this company, it has successfully completed a contract involving design fabrication and erection of distillation tower and different capacities of tanks ranging from 500 KL to 5000KL. We are proud to mention here that the fabrication of 34.8 Meters high steel tower and 5000KL capacity molasses storage tank, fabricated by this Company, are so far the biggest tower and the tank made in Nepal until date (BS 55/01/01)

Furthermore, in the process of diversification, the Company is planning to engage itself in the construction of Ropeway towers and fittings. It is worth mentioning here that the Company has been awarded with the fabrication of rail terminal and suspenders required for the Manakamana Ropeway, which is the first passenger ropeway launched in Nepal.

The Company always looks forward to provide its reliable services to its esteemed clients in new lines of production in steel structures; hydro-mechanical works and intends to grow subsequently on the process of industrialization of the Nepal.